Berg & Berg Engineered Wood Flooring delivered direct from the factory in Sweden

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Fletcher Flooring Limited has offered Berg & Berg through its retail shops since 2004, having been recommended the product by one of our highly experienced installers.  We visited Berg & Berg's production facities in Sweden, early on in our relationship with them, and therefore have first hand knowledge of having seen the production process from the rough cut timber through to grading, finishing and packaging.

Since that time we have developed an admiration for Berg & Berg as a company and we are firm believers in the quality of it's products and reliability of their service.  With a dramatic streamlining of of traditional costs, since selling our high street business earlier this year, we have been able to reduse the prices to our business customers with whom we do the vast majority of our business.  This repeat business is in part to do with the price, but more importantly due to the fact that Berg & Berg delivers the quality promised.

Although we are not the UK's sole distributors of Berg & Berg, we are the only dedicated supplier.  It is therefore in our interest to make Berg & Berg work for our customers.  Should there ever be any issues, on a rare occassion, we are well placed to sort it out quickly and efficiently.

We are very happy to try to answer any questions that our customers have regarding the process of fitting wooden flooring, or we can point you in the right direction of more specialist advice if required.

We hope that you select Berg & Berg as we know that you will not be disappointed.

Best regards

Dale Fletcher

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