Berg & Berg Engineered Wood Flooring delivered direct from the factory in Sweden

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Berg & Berg have been producing beautiful engineered wood flooring since the mid 1990's in Sweden - the traditional home of engineered wood flooring.  Their strength as a company lies in their belief that quality materials and techniques are employed throughout the production process.  To ensure that this is the case they control production from their own sawmills right the way through to the finished, packaged article.  Berg & Berg have strong ecological criteria.  This has led to their engineered wood flooring gaining the Nature Plus seal of quality and also FSC certification (on many of their products).

As a company we were introduced to Berg & Berg's products and have offered them through our retail shops since 2004.  Since that time we have developed an admiration for the company and we are firm believers in the quality and reliability of their service.  It is our belief in the range of engineered wood flooring products from Berg & Berg that has led us to the formation of Berg &  Although we are not the UK's sole distributors of Berg & Berg, we are the only dedicated supplier. 

Berg & Berg engineered wood flooring is an overlay product that is produced with a strong patented locking system called Svedloc.  This locking system gives a good strong fixing that allows the floor to be floated (over an underlay) with or without an additional strengthening bead of glue along the joint.  This construction reduces the stress that can lead to squeaky joints or, in the longer term, breaks that can then weaken the floor.  Of course like any wooden floor, engineered or solid, it must be fitted with the allowance of an expansion gap.  Wood is a natural material and it will swell or shrink depending on the humidity.  The lack of an adequate expansion gaps can lead to dramatic effects.

Engineered wood flooring is considered to be the most stable of all real wood flooring and is suitable for most domestic and commercial installations.  Berg & Berg's engineered wood flooring products can be recommended for kitchens (they are amongst the very few products that are).  Only engineered floors that are of the highest quality in terms of construction and stability could be considered.  Bathrooms, however, are not recommended due to the high level of humidity and the likelihood of water spillages. 

The precision of the engineered wood flooring produced by Berg & Berg means that the boards are of an exact height which negates the need for a pronounced bevel.  A bevel not only hides manufacturing defects but also causes a dirt trap.  Berg & Berg is therefore an excellent choice where ease of cleaning and hygenic value are important - a healthy floor.

Please take your time to read through the information contained within this website and visit the gallery pages to see installed floors shown in a number of different situations.  We are sure that you will like what you see.

  • European Oak - Plank - Hearts Grade - Natural Oil.
  • Norrland Dark - Plank - Natural Oil.
  • Norrland - Plank - Natural Oil.
  • Eriksberg - Plank - Natural Oil - Brushed.
  • Berg & Berg Oiled Engineered Wood Flooring holds the Nature Plus certificate of approval.
  • Berg & Berg produce beautiful engineered floors of the highest quality with great care.
  • Berg & Berg are not a mass manufacturer, they take care of their customers' floors throughout every stage of production.
  • Berg & Berg are deeply rooted in Sweden, they almost exclusively use domestic wood for their engineered wood flooring.
  • High quality engineered wood flooring like Berg & Berg has a long lifespan.  It can be refinished a number of times.
  • The patented "Svedloc" system,  allows the engineered wood flooring to be floated over an underlay on a smooth subfloor.