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      Caring for your wooden floor is very simple
and satisfying providing you remember the most
important principles:

- mats on both sides of the front door

- prevent water being trodden onto the floor especially in hallways

- use water sparingly when cleaning

- immediate removal of stains

- felt pads on furniture

Oiled Wooden Floors
The surface of oiled flooring has been treated with a special oil mixture, which is based on natural vegetable oils. This does not contain formaldehyde nor does it release into the room any harmful substances. In order to preserve oiled floors, treat it carefully following the instructions below.

Regular cleaning and maintenance

- Use a doormat in order to prevent sand and other abrasive materials damaging your floor.

- Never use an excessive amount of water when cleaning your wood floor. Remove any liquid spilt on your floor immediately.

In the home
- Normal care can be carried out with a vacuum cleaner.
- When necessary you can wipe your floor with a barely damp
cloth. Add some Wash and Care floor cleaner to the water.
Following the instructions in the package.
- Remove heavy stains with Liquid Wax Cleaner.

In public buildings (offices, shops, schools, hotels)
- Wipe the floor daily or when needed with a barely damp cloth.
Add some Wash and Care floor cleaner.
- Remove heavy stains with Liquid Wax Cleaner.
- Refresh the floor when needed with Liquid Wax Cleaner.
Preventing scratches

In order to protect the floor from scratches and knocks, use felt pads on the bases of all furniture. Remove any grit and other abrasive substances immediately. Avoid wearing stiletto heels on wooden flooring.
Reconditioning of Oiled wooden Flooring
Scratches and minor damage can be treated as follows.
- Clean the area to be repaired following the instructions above.
- Repair small scratches with the Liquid Wax Cleaner. Scratches, which do not disappear with this treatment can be treated again with Hardwax Oil.
- In public areas we recommend that you treat the floor once
every 1-5 years depending on use, with Hardwax-Oil as
instructed in the package. Do not sand the floor. In private
residences reconditioning of the floor is needed once in 10-15
years, if the floor has been taken care of as recommended here.
There is no need to treat the whole floor, if only a small area is damaged.
Lacquered Floor
The surface of lacquered flooring has been finished with five coats of hardwearing UV hardened acrylic lacquer. It has no
formaldehyde content or does it emit any other harmful additives
into the room space. In order to maintain the beauty of your
lacquered floor, follow our simple maintenance instructions.
Use mats on both sides of your front door, so as little as possible grit and other loose dirt is carried onto the floor. Remove particles with a vacuum cleaner or a brush. When you want to clean the floor thoroughly, 'dry' wipe it with a barely-moist cloth. A drop of any neutral washing liquid can be added to the washing water if required and your cloth dipped in it and well squeezed out before wiping the floor. If liquid is spilt on the floor, wipe it off immediately. We do not recommend any conditioner for parquet floors. They are pre-treated to stay carefree and beautiful. If the lacquer surface becomes scratched and worn, re-lacquer it with a conditioning lacquer. Do not use wax.
Removal of stains
The fresher the spot, the easier it will be to remove. For stain removal you can use the substances mentioned below.
Type of stains
Fruit, berries, juices, milk, cream, soft drinks beer, wine, coffee, tea, urine
 Synthetic cleaner
Chocolate, fat, oil, shoe polish, shoe marks, tar,
 Mineral turpentine
Wax, ballpoint pen, ink, lipstick
 Household spirit
 Cold water
C l e a n i n g a n d C a r e of Admonter N a t u r a l Floors
By buying Admonter Natural Floors, you have chosen a natural product with a long lifetime. However, wooden floors with an oiled & waxed finish and to a lesser extent with a lacquered surface require regular cleaning and care so that their beauty and resistance can be maintained. For the durability of your floor it is very important to use the appropriate cleaning and care products in the right way
from the beginning.
The dirt and wear resistance of ecologically oiled & waxed surfaces is only guaranteed by cleaning with ADMONTER CLEAN & POLISH and by care with ADMONTER FLOORMILK. For lacquered surfaces use MIRACLEAR , a special care for polyurethane surfaces.
Immediately after the installation it is important to apply a coat of ADMONTER FLOORMILK (basic requirement for the wear resistance of the surface!)
1. Wipe your floor with Admonter Clean & Polish (add 2 3 tops to warm water) using a damp mop. Do not allow the floor to become too wet. This will clean the floor.
2. Apply Admonter Floor milk undiluted on the clean surface and spread it evenly with a damp cloth. This will provide protection.
3. Let the floor dry for approx. 20-30 minutes.
4.Then polish the floor by using a hand buffer (see picture) or a polishing machine (white pad!).

Your floor gets a beautiful, silky-matt sheen.
For dirtier spots, you may use ADMONTER CLEAN & POLISH undiluted, then wipe with clear water.
Regular care: when your floor looks dull, treat with floor milk diluted with water 1:1. Floor milk can also be used neat if necessary.

Regular cleaning: Wipe your floor with Admonter Clean & Polish (add 2 3 tops to warm water) using a damp mop. Do not allow the floor to become too wet.  
Local repair w i t h o u t v i s i b l e m a r k i n g
Scratches and grey spots of oiled & waxed surfaces should be ground with emery paper or emery fleece (grain 100/120) and reground with a grain of 150/180. On the ground spot, please apply NATURHAUS HARD WAX with a soft cloth and polish it well. Treat the restored area carefully for 14 days.
What you should, however, note is that local repairs without visible marking won't be possible for the colour treated surfaces (antique/ white oiled & waxed, antique/oiled & waxed, white oiled & waxed and lacquered)!
Use the ADMONTER CARE PACKAGE, it contains CLEAN & POLISH (cleaning), FLOOR MILK (care) and a repair set! Please contact your specialist dealer!