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Supply and fitting for quality natural wooden floors in the South East of England. We offer only the best
floors for our customers.

Our floors are mostly Scandianvian and can handle the hardest wear and still look beautiful. We offer constant low prices and have many different special offers, please don't hesitate to ask for advice, a free survey and quote.


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The Traditional Choice
Solid Oak Herringbone
Block flooring - Specialist fitting available
Environmentally Friendly & Healthier

Installed in the home, wood floors can help contribute to a healthy living environment. Wooden floors will not harbour dust mites or molds. That creates better air quality, especially for the millions of people that suffer from allergies. Musty smells from wet damp carpets, which have absorbed the odours of food, tobacco etc. will be a thing of the past. Less need for air freshener sprays to mask the smells.

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You can choose between Floating Floors, Fully Bonded and Secret Nailed

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The Scandinavians are recognized ...  
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...as masters of the science of wood flooring and it is precisely their knowledge and skills that we
have brought to England.

After working with and along side them in Copenhagen and Stockholm for many years, we have learned that not only does a floor have to look beautiful but we also know exactly how to achieve this.
A proper and sound installation is as important as the product itself and we know this.

In your minds eye you know exactly how your floor should look, and we agree.


On Delivery of solid floors
All solid hard wood flooring should be left to acclimatize in the room for around one week prior to the installation.

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European Natural Oak

Plank Flooring
Pre-finished, 128 mm wide, 21 mm thick


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Due to the cleanliness of modern wood flooring, no dust sticks to the surface as it does with carpets. Water and dirt brought in daily by shoes is easily and quickly wiped totally clean with a dry or damp cloth.
Dirt does not become embedded in the floor.

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Admonter Flooring

This floor is about the best you can get on todays flooring market.


Berg & Berg Floor

Berg & Berg flooring

Well known in Sweden
for it's quality and good looks.


        Durable, Stable, hard and naturally warm and at the same time stylish for old or new houses alike.  
        Oak 3-strip knotty
Oiled or lacquered finish
£42 per sq m

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Tim O'Shea
Project Manager, Banbury