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  Admonter Berg & Berg
Last Name Oak knotless Oak 3 strip
Oak knotty Oak 2 strip XL
  Oak rustic knotty Oak 1strip XXL
First Name Smoked oak knotty Ash 3 strip
Oak aged knotty white Ash 2 strip XL
  Oak knotless white Ash 1strip XXL
Address Oak knotty white Beech 3 strip
Oak rustic white Beech 2 strip XL
Oak aged knotty Beech 1 strip XXL
Mountain larch knotty S. Maple 3 strip
Mountain larch aged knotty S. Maple 2 strip XL
Mountain larch aged   S. Maple 1 strip XXL
  knotty lye -washed Can. Maple 3 strip
Post code Mountain larch knotty white Cherry 3 strip
Mountain larch aged knotty white Merbau 3 strip
  M. larch aged knotty lye -washed white    
Siberian larch knotless Solid block herringbone
Phone daytime Siberian Larch knotty European oak
Siberian larch knotless white  
  Siberian Larch knotty white  
Phone evening Ash light  
Ash olive  
  Ash olive white  
Mobile Maple knotless  
Maple knotty  
  Maple knotless white  
E-mail Maple knotty white  
  Cherry two strip  
  Canadian Maple  
Other request or message Walnut  
Solid Plank  
European Oak  
White Ash  
  Red Elm  
  Black Walnut